How to easily reset Windows 10

How to easily reset Windows 10

October 21, 2018 0 By David Cheong

Often many of us face issue like slow, lag on our Windows 10. Even after installed certain software that we do not know well or we just want to try out a software, but end up, I do wish to uninstall this software from my Windows and then after installing and uninstall the software, the Windows starts to act weird or buggy. Or even the worst case, infected by viruses, malware, spyware and so on.. no Vitamin or Antibiotic can cure this, and you do wish to have a brand new start of the Windows. You can either send your system to your nearest computer shop or IT guy to help you clean, clear, or troubleshoot.. or you can actually easily reset your Windows 10 by yourself.

There are many ways of doing so, reset a Windows 10, here will guide you on a few simple steps, and your Windows 10 will be back from where it started, when you first purchase status. But in some occasion, after reset Windows 10 and it still not working well, here you might need to try checking your hardware, such as Check on your hard disk, or even RAM.

Here are the simple guide, but before you do so, we would always recommend you to backup all your important data, files, documents and photos. Except for the software application, you will need to reinstall your software such as Microsoft Office, or other production software or even games.

  1. Click on your keyboard Windows Keys, or select the Start Menu to bring up the Menu. Select and click on Settings.
  2. A Settings screen will popup, choose Update & Security
  3. On the Update & Security Screen, you will notice Recovery on the left Pane, choose the Recovery, and then click on Get Started under Reset this PC
  4.  After you click on Get Started, an option will pop up asking you whether to Keep your files or Just Remove everything. From here, you can choose Keep my files, if you are sure that your files(documents, photos) will not affect the Windows process or not the fault. If after you have choose Keep my files, and if by the end of all process below, and you Windows still not running well,  you can always repeat the 1st step above and this time, choose Remove everything.
  5. Once you have select the above choice, another option will pop up, if you have chosen Remove everything from the previous options, you can now choose, either to Just Remove my files which is just delete files only, and if you choose Remove files and clean the drive, this process will take longer time, depends on your hardware systems, it might take at least minimum from 4 hours to 8 hours, this option is good, if you planning to sell the laptop to someone else and do not wish your data to be recover easily.
  6. Once you have choose the option above, a Warning message will appear, just click on Next if you are sure and confirmed that you are ready to reset this Windows. 
  7. Finally, you will reach to a message where informing you that, what will be reset and remove. Click on Reset
  8. That’s it, just wait for the Windows to restart and it might take minutes to hours depends on your hardware systems, and the option that you have chosen. It will reset itself from here.

Above is one of the easier way of reset or even recover your Windows. There are few more ways to reset your Windows 10, which will be cover in our blog. As always before proceed the above guide, make a habit of backup your data not just in one drive but also in external drive or other partition. If above mentioned guide, is not successful, we would recommend you to send your systems to your IT guy to check if there other reason for not able to reset your Windows 10.