Humanoid Robot Replace Heavy Labor Work Soon?

Humanoid Robot Replace Heavy Labor Work Soon?

October 8, 2018 0 By David Cheong

The world of robot might be near soon, with technology and intelligence today, more and more advance Humanoid Robot are being build and going through various job function and features. AIST base in Japan, introduced one of their new prototype recently, refer as HRP-5P. With a height of 182cm and weight 101kg. According to AIST, they aimed to replace heavy labor work that’s why HRP-5P prototype is developed, having a robust body with advanced intelligence built-in, the robot itself can work alone.

HRP-5P can recognize or detect surrounding objects by performing a 3D dimensional map, visualize it and approach the working area. It can lift an object weighing up to 13kg at least.

There are still more improvement needed to be up-grade and improve. And in which what Intel A.I. is now also quickly advancing in its ability to process and automate tasks given and inference. We also seen or heard about some restaurant in Asia, and around the world, already started using Robots to serve their customers. Robots in 2018, are indeed getting better, smarter and autonomous, for example the famous Honda Asimo which is one the World’s Most Advanced Humanoid Robot and not to forget Sophia The Robot.

Source & Copyright : AIST Japan – National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology