How To Resize A Partition On A Hard Disk

How To Resize A Partition On A Hard Disk

October 6, 2018 0 By David Cheong

Many would prefer to store files on a single drive with a single partition, but for some would prefer more than 1 partition on a single hard drive / hard disk. The good things having at least 2 partitions in a drive is that in future if anything happens to your Windows Systems file problem similar to the case Windows 10 Update Having Issue, this might safe you the trouble from getting back your data, as most of your documents if you have put it / save it under the 2nd partition. And by the way, do not include Recovery Drive as your documents backup destination, Recovery Drive some if can able to view it, the storage size is small and wouldn’t fit much of your files and documents, even worst is, if the Recovery Drive is almost full, you will get annoying popup message mentioning Recommend to clear disk space on that drive each time you login to your windows.

To resize a partition or to create a new partition from your existing drive, simply make sure that you have enough disk space, if you are using SSD, most lightly, you have not much space to be split, or partition out. Try to make sure that the make primary C drive had enough disk space at least 40GB above to give way for other software and update to run smoothly.

The thing you need to do,

For Windows 10, 8 and 7

Step 1 :

On your desktop, find the icon “This PC”, if you can’t find it on your desktop, simply click on the folder icon on your taskbar, and it will bring up the Explorer,  same thing on the icon, Right Click on the This PC icon, and a menu will show up, and click on Manage.

Step 2 :

A Disk Management will appear after you click on Manage.

Step 3:

Choose the partition that you want to resize or partition it. Make sure you do not choose other partition to resize, for example the Recovery Partition or the System Partition. Choose C drive, if you have 1  and only drive. Right Click on the drive, and select Shrink Volume.

How To Resize Partition On A Hard Disk

How To Resize Partition On A Hard Disk

Step 4:

How To Resize Partition On A Hard Disk

How To Resize Partition On A Hard Disk

On the Enter the Amount of space to shrink in MB, enter the amount of storage that you wish to have on the new partition. Do not need to follow above amount, just an example. You can try put in the amount which is half size of your full storage or somewhere at least 40% balance left for the primary. After you have enter the amount, just click Shrink.

Last Step 5 :

Once done, make sure you right click on the new partition, choose New Simple Volume, on the new pop up, click on Next, and then will be asking whether the Simple volume size is correct, just click Next, and then a page asking to Assign the Following letter, just click Next if the drive letter is D or E. And finally, the system will ask you whether to Format this volume, on the Volume label, you can put up any label name, to identify your drive, then click Next and wait for few minutes depends on the size you have resize. And then click on Finish when it is done.

You can now close the Disk Management, and start using your newly resized partition.