Windows 10 October 1809 Update Problem You Need To Know

Windows 10 October 1809 Update Problem You Need To Know

October 5, 2018 0 By David Cheong

If you are using Microsoft Windows 10, we highly recommend that you always backup your important documents, photos and data files to an external hard disk or thumb drive storage from time to time, keep it frequent. Even though with new updates is good, but as most Windows 10 users would know that Microsoft Windows 10 Updates, will be forced to update if your Windows detected a new update is available. There is ways of temporary disable the Windows 10 from updating, but we do recommend that you should let it update by itself.

With the latest update of Microsoft Windows 10 v1809 October 2018 Updates, some users are facing some problems such as

  1. Action Panel floated away from Task Bar, users facing this problems did tried to refresh the desktop, or even restart Explorer but fail to make the Action Panel stick back to the Task Bar. Only when the user restart his/her Windows, the situation went back to normal, could be a bug or something.
  2. Audio Driver which is from Intel, chewing up more battery and CPU usage is high. This issue happens to users that are using an Intel 6th Generation processors and above. And if this happens to your systems, you can manually download the Intel Graphics Driver to fix the glitch.
  3. Endless Initializing… One of the user reported that the Windows keep looping initializing even after it already download the new Windows 10 v1809 updates.
  4. Freezes on first start up or reboot – Some users even reported that the Windows Freezes after update and on first reboot, and it can’t update Windows to v1809.
  5. Reset instead of update – after updates, windows user account were reset from Administrator Account to Standard Account, preferences changed in Settings has been reset as well. All previous available tasks and restore point are not available anymore.
  6. Lost of files – Some users even reported that at least more than 220GB of files were deleted after the new Windows 10 v1809 updates, even with the rolling back feature, the users couldn’t get back their files which is more than few years old.

As for above is one of few reports, but there is other weird issue which were not mentioned here. We highly recommend that you should start back up all your files if your systems haven’t update yet as the Microsoft Windows 10 v1809 were already started rolling out for user to update. But not just because of Windows Updates making you required to backup your files, as Hard Drive tend to have issue at any time, even you did manage to know How to Check Disk often, incident happens.

Check your Windows current version, if your version is not updated yet, there is a way that you can avoid such incident happens or maybe unexpected issue happen in near future, is by making sure that all data files, documents or even photos kept it in your 2nd partition, either in D drive or E drive. If you have a hard disk with only 1 partition, I would suggest that you start divide it into 2 partition, you can check our post on How To Resize A Partition On A Hard Disk which later will be updated on my website. Once you have 2 partitions, create a folder called Documents on the 2nd partition, and start moving, Yes, move all your documents, data and photos to the newly created folder, and from now on, open, save and edit your documents only using the source from this folder. TAKE NOTE! If the partition has a name called Recovery, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CREATE ABOVE FOLDER, make sure the new partition is new and empty with plenty of storage space. Make a shortcut folder on your desktop, destination to the new folder Documents, by doing this way, you will not need to take the trouble going to This PC then D / E drive then Documents folder.


Source : Microsoft Windows