Windows 10 slow on loading startup or software running slow

Windows 10 slow on loading startup or software running slow

September 27, 2018 0 By David Cheong

Windows 10 slow on loading startup or software running slow have many solution for this issue, such as from upgrading your hardware to updating your software or OS itself. Some even have higher specs of laptop / desktop such as 16GB RAM installed, or even having Intel i7 processor installed, or even SSD installed, but still having this issue. You may not have the issue when you first bought it, but after running it for few hours to few days later you notice of some slow and lagging even though you have high specs. But as for user that are using Intel Celeron or having a 2GB RAM, will also face this issue sooner or later, it doesn’t matter how fast your system is, or how high specs your systems have.

Here are the few solution that might give a boost or even fix your issue.


Before proceeding the below steps, it is recommend that you should try one of the steps which is Check Disk, find out on How to check disk on HDD or SSD Storage, to see if your storage is in good condition.

For those that are having 4GB RAM installed, we would recommend that you try upgrade the RAM to at least 8GB RAM above, if you can afford to change to a SSD(you will need to transfer/move your OS to SSD which is covered in our page on How to move/transfer HDD to SSD) that would be better. For those that already owned 8GB RAM or Windows already running on SSD, follow below steps.


From time to time, Windows 10 provide newest updates, and when these updates arrive, your Windows will automatic receive / downloads the updates without your knowledge, as long as you have internet connection. If you are having a slow internet connection, your updates might take longer period if the files size is big, Windows 10 updates size can be from as small as 1MB below and as big as 1GB above. As for Windows 10 updates, you can’t choose which updates files you want to update and which that you don’t want, not like Windows 7 updates, where you got options to choose which updates files that you wish to update.


Where can you find the updates in your Windows 10? Click on the Windows Logo (Start Menu) on your bottom left, and then select the gear icon which is Settings. As shown below image.

Windows 10 slow on loading startup or software running slow

Windows 10 slow on loading startup or software running slow

Once you have click on it, a windows will appear. Choose the icon Update & Security Settings and then select Windows Update. You might see loads of updates is downloading or installing in progress, if you didn’t see any, try click on the Check for updates button. If updates are available, you will see a list of it, make sure you are connected to the internet at all time until all update is fully downloads and installed. It may require you to restart your Windows for few times before it is fully updated. In the process of updating, please make sure that the internet is connected, your laptop power is plugged in with the charger, and last but not least, DO NOT ATTEMPT to force shut down your Windows if you feel that it’s like Hang or Stuck, sometime it is due to or depending on your hardware specs, if you have lower range of Processor power, you will experience more slower or lagging while in the process of updating.

If you already done above method, and the issue still persist, then you can try read our post on HOW TO CLEAR VIRUS ON YOUR WINDOWS.

If you solved your windows issue following above guides, please do leave a comment. If you haven’t solve using above guides, try reading our other post see if its help.